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NGOrganize - Herramientas por Organizaciones Juveniles


Start of Project: 01/06/2022

End of Project: 31/01/2024


Asociación Socio-Cultural VerdeSur Alcalá, Spain (Coordinator)

Association de Développement Rural International du Bas-Ségala, France

ÁLFUR, áhugafélag um listir og fræðslu ungmenna í Reykjavík, Iceland

Hidak Ifjúsági Alapítvány, Hungary

Beyond Borders ETS, Italy

Development Center of Vojvodina, Serbia


European Initiative for Youth Empowerment, Mindfulness and Wellbeing "GO Alive", Greece

Youth work is a field which provides space and opportunities for young people to form their own futures. It has a extremely important role on encouraging young people to take initiatives and responsibilities for others towards to the issues that they find important. It as well provides a space for the young people to involve and shape the society beyond their individual interests. Youth sector is a place where most of us as youth workers working in different modalities : full time, part-time, periodical/seasonal workers or on a voluntary basis. Youth sector employs many people working as In Europe, we only find a few countries with well-established youth work policies and structures, governed by public authorities with paid youth workers, developed vocational training and higher education curricula for youth workers. Thus, the youth work practices are basically goes through a traditional approach, due to its structures and involvement of highly grassroot mechanisms. With the increased number of youth projects through the Erasmus+ and different funding instruments, the youth organisations become one of the main element of the Civil Society Scene though still the spirit of grassroots and amateur nature of youth work continues where there is a high need of professionalism, standardization, and quality assurance work within the NGOs which became a necessity. Therefore, it created a demand for professional youth workers and related studies at universities to increase the quality of the youth work implemented in EU and its neighbouring countries. Although, the youth organisations involved in the field are providing less range of opportunities due to their lack of capacity and lack of strategical development issues, financial sustainability or the human resources. They are not aware about how to extend their outreach through reaching other funding opportunities, diversifying their target groups by implementing new activities or even by basically having a structured voluntary mechanism to cope with the issue of the human resources. The huge competition among the NGOs in the service delivery for the youth and in the acquisition of the donor funding is rising even though the Erasmus+ or likewise funding instruments increased their funding due to the Covid-19, post-pandemic process to recover the power of the NGOs as it was before the pandemic. Thus, to achieve the success in that competitive nature of the third sector, the NGOs should evolve, continually improve and professionalise their work which puts more and more demands on the management and leadership of an organisation.


The objectives of the project are;

-To create awareness on the organizational management issues for increasing the quality of Youth Work implement in EU and neighbouring countries

-To increase the knowledge of youth workers in strategical development of NGOs and increase the quality and variety of youth services provided for young people in EU

-To increase the financial sustainability of NGOSs through out providing information about the funding opportunities in and outside of Erasmus+ program

-To develop partnerships in the field of youth work

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