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Nom du projet: CORE: COllective REsponsibility through Inner Integrity
Projet No:



The project is designed as a process of exploration of self that leads to understanding a broader context of our roles in society. During the 9-day-training course, we will research ourselves in the context of a group & widen the understanding of our emotions, values & needs in order to develop a sense of civic responsibility. We will take the perspective of the community, feel the power of unity and unlock the creative potential for building engagement, empathy and responsibility in each individual.

WHAT are THE project's aim & OBJECTIVES? Understanding the core: correlation between individuals and society; Integrating body, mind and emotions; Providing tools for personal growth: self-care and emotional well-being; Improving essential skills (accountability, adaptability, resilience, decision-making, flexibility) in a context of change and unpredictability; Increasing creativity and social responsibility of individuals; Sharing and developing tools for The aim of the project is to raise self-awareness as a tool for creating a more empathetic and responsible society. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: community engagement.



Practices focused on developing selfawareness; indoor & outdoor games; art: theatres, craft, site-specific work; dance, yoga, movement & body-work; mindfulness & listening to yourself (in individual & group reflections; methods and tools for community We will explore those ideas by engaging in activities inspired by: the first place); engagement & collective actions.

One of the result of the project, the well-being toolkit was created, we would like to share the toolkit with you.

Thanks to the ideas and contributions of all the project participants. It contains many interesting ideas for self-care, reflection, and community engagement.

This project is funded by European Commission Erasmus +

Erasmus+ European Commission

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